About Our Firm

We Manage Risk For Your Benefit

Most clients have a long-term investment horizon, but only a short-term tolerance for risk.
That’s why we view ourselves as risk managers, first and foremost.
Comprehensive planning keeps your wealth goals on track

video-bgOur relationship with you begins with an in-depth discussion. We want to uncover all critical information that impacts our understanding of you, your needs and priorities. From those findings, we develop a planning strategy – your custom road map for moving forward. This analysis is then followed by our recommended asset allocation model, entirely based on your personal time horizon, objectives and risk concerns. Asset allocation and diversification are important components of portfolio design, helping to steady your investments in the face of market swings and shocks. In fact, we firmly believe that asset allocation is the single most important decision for any investor. Should your circumstances change over time, we will re-evaluate your asset mix. We constantly monitor and adjust your portfolio in the face of changing market conditions and your evolving life. Keep in mind that asset allocation and diversification neither assures a profit nor protects against a loss in a declining market.

Our extended team informs your strategy

We go the extra mile when it comes to delivering the best insights and solutions. That means we want your strategy to benefit from our collaboration with an extended team of professionals – our network of trusted advisors in areas of tax, trusts, business succession and estate planning. We’ll also work with your own extended team of financial, legal and tax advisors to help ensure that all of our recommendations are integrated and aligned.

Discipline and prudence define our risk management approach

In our practice, we’ve learned that while most clients have a long-term investment horizon, they only have a short-term tolerance for risk. That’s why we view ourselves as risk managers, first and foremost. Since everyone has a unique needs and different levels of investment experience, we offer customized solutions that address those specific concerns. We are always seeking better ways to manage volatility, reduce unnecessary risk and earn your confidence in our ability to execute the right strategy for your needs and comfort. Of course, protecting your assets for the long term is our ongoing focus.

Dedication, communication and care shape our relationships

When it comes to our relationship, we believe you deserve a level of attention and service that can be hard to come by these days. It begins with the communication – staying accessible when you need us and keeping you informed at all times. We are committed to providing regular financial reporting and promptly returning calls and emails.

With Sztrom Wealth Management, you’ll always have the benefit of a truly collaborative team that strives to be a stable source of assurance and advice. Most of our clients have been with us for many years and consider us their personal CFO. We are grateful for their loyalty and look forward to serving them as well as new clients and the generations of their respective families, in the years ahead.